Obama Defends Private School Choice On "Today"

Quotes2 "I'll be blunt with you: The answer is no right now."
-- President Obama this morning in response to audience question about
whether the DC public schools could match his daughters' private school
(and implicitly whether he'd consider sending them to a district


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  • He was on the weather channel this morning (????) spouting some teachery accountabiliy

    also the weather forecast was wrong today

  • It may have been gracelessly said, but I agree with the point. People who are of above average intelligence and have good home support tend to be bored by school because schools are geared toward the middle of the pack.

    Private schools work in the same way selective enrollment schools work. By taking only those children with the ability and home support and therefore tilting the ability level up in the classroom. This means there's more time for things like art and music because there isn't the need for as much drill and review. It means a better classroom environment because the school has the ultimate disciplinary tool (behave or you're out of here).

  • Regardless of the money that anyone has access to in order to send their students to a given school; what matters most is parental involvement.

    Clay Boggess

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