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 2010 SAT Scores Coming Out Monday
Or at least that's what FairTest says as part of this press release
they sent out in a nefarious effort to shape journalists' coverage of
the scores...  

Late Announcement Of President's Back To School Speech

image from EdWeek:  With very late notice this year, districts find themselves with an even shorter window to prepare and make accommodations... Black Male Grad Rates: Despair, And A Ray Of Hope
NPR:  A new study reports that only 47 percent of black male students
entering high school in the fall of 2003 graduated in 2008... Los Angeles Unveils Teacher Evaluation Plan
EdWeek:  The proposal also would mandate that teachers work longer than
two years before becoming permanent employees and that evaluations be
used to guide all hiring and firing decisions... Heckman Questions Harlem Children's Zone Highly regarded economist James Heckman recently questioned the research
behind the Harlem Children's Zone... Turnarounds: What It's LIke To "Get SIGged"?  A guest entry from former "Teaching In The 408" blogger Killian who's
now an AP at a small Oakland, CA school that's being SIGged. For daily national news and commentary, go here.


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  • Can someone please clarify something for me that has nothing to do with this article. I am asking the question here because I know a lot of people read this blog.

    A parent called me concerned about the the fact that her child got a 15 minute "nutrition break" as opposed to a lunch period. She stated that the "nutrition break" caused her child great distress because he is not used to wolfing down his food.

    This is an elementary school. Can someone please explain this one for me. Is this only at one school or system wide.

    L. Sanders RN

    *Thank you to the poster on another thread who addressed this for me.

  • I am just trying to understand. I have minimal experience in elementary schools and was traumatized at the idea that the children are being forced to slam lunch down their throats.

    With all this conversation regarding childhood obesity we should be teaching better eating habits. Everyone from Dr. Atkins to Dr. Oz state that eating too fast contributes to obesity. When we eat to fast the brain does not recognize that you have eaten, you eat too much....

    If we are really concerned about childhood obesity it is not just what they eat, but how they eat and activity.

    All that said, 20 minute lunches are not helping in the war against childhood obesity.

    L. Sanders Rn

  • The schools will say it's "safer" not to have recess, but it's really because the teachers can go home earlier.

    Keeping DEC-MAR in mind, isn't it also "warmer"? This ain't San Diego.

  • Yes as students in Chicago we were all outside all year in the good old days. Maybe this principal will hold that line, but I doubt it. The mentality of many parents is "if it's below freezing, we don't want them outside."

  • Even if they had some sort of indoor activity that was a mental break for students and gave them a chance to stretch

    Pray tell where we should have daily recess inside? The PE teacher is using the gym and the music teacher is using the auditorium.

  • @ whoever Are you a teacher? I am. And I think the school day is not long enough as well. Trouble is, recess does not mean I have time away from my students. Are you suggesting that everyone take a mid-day break and re-convene a la 1950s Catholic School? I would gladly be away on recess (and not be compensated) for part of the day. However, time on task is time on the clock. You're right, this will be one of THE big issues come next winter, and we'll be taking a pay cut either way. Not feeling too good about CORE.

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