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Seattle teachers OK 3-year contract AP:  Seattle's teachers have approved a new three-year contract, which means classes will begin as scheduled Sept. 8... State steps in as anger rises over convicted teacher Seattle PI:  A controversial teacher was a no-show again Tuesday at Morton Junior High School as parents continued to pull their children out his classroom.  Also:  Just a week ago on the "Month In Review, Jay Mathews was lamenting the lack of mainstream attention had been given to the LA Times' value-added series (outside the LA Times' own coverage, that is).  A Nick Anderson story in the Washington Post and a brief segment on NPR was about it.  But everything's changed this week, with a long Neil Conant Talk of the Nation segment, a story yesterday by Sam Dillon (Method to Grade Teachers Provokes Battles), and now a David Leonhardt column in the New York Times Sunday Magazine (When Does Holding Teachers Accountable Go Too Far?).  And:  Veteran education reporter (and former Catalyst Chicago colleague) Maureen Kelleher is taking over EdWeek's Early Years blog as of today, taking over where Lisa Fine left off.  

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