How To Impersonate A Teacher


Couple years ago there was that kid who pretended to be a cop.  Now there's a guy pretending to be a CTA bus driver (CTA: Bogus driver took bus for a spin).  Makes me wonder -- has anyone ever walked into a school and said "I'm here to teach math" and gotten sent to a classroom and taught for a day, week or year, waved a laundry card at Kronos and made a fake beeping sound then checked someone else's cubbyhole for mail?  Do people impersonate teachers (or principals), anyway?  Is there any way that could happen, even assuming it's something that someone would want to do?  What would you wear, and say, and do, to impersonate a teacher?  Not that I'm recommending it or anything.  Just curious. [Pictured:  Former president Bush impersonating a teacher.]

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