First Day Successes And Failures


How's it going?  How'd it go?  Getting to school, the first classes, new students or teachers, new schools, new grades or classes -- so many things that are new or different at the start of a new school year.  Are you seeing lots of new faces teaching in the classroom?  Is there a new batch of parents and kids at your school beyond the usual changes?  Any and all thoughts or observations about the first day are welcome here.  

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  • Stressed

    Basically 30-35 mins to do a Science Lab. A schedule may look good on paper but when you act it out is a different story. Kids are great really excited.

    We teachers looked like we have our heads up our asses. You can't fit a square peg (breakfast in claSS, 5 content classes PLUS writing PLUS the specials) into a round hole (5.75 HRS.)

  • Our enrollment has topped 2,800 students--more than double what it was just eleven years ago. Not only did we not layoff teachers, but we've hired more.

    Overall, a very good day. Lots of teaching going on, despite the fact that most departments won't issue textbooks until next week. Shows that teachers are well prepared.

    The air conditioning that was supposed to be replaced this summer didn't happen, and is now scheduled for mid-October. I was glad to see the forecast for this week is relatively cool.

    The students were well-behaved today. I find they're generally good through September. (And then, on October 1st, they change...) Last year was a good year for me, and I'm upbeat about this year.

    The principal did tell us that he wants to go to Track E next school year. I'm not sure how the faculty feels about that yet.

  • Another change to the "non dress code dress code". More forms and changes from a power-hungry LSC.

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