Books: "Stray Dogs, Saints, And Saviors"


Good news (or bad, depending on your perspective.) My book about the attempt to fix Locke High School is now scheduled to come out from Jossey-Bass in April 2011 under the title "Stray Dogs, Saints, and Saviors."  As many of you know, Locke was one of the most neglected, lowest-scoring schools in Los Angeles.  Then in 2007 its teachers voted to convert the school into an independent charter school and hand control over to Steve Barr's network of charter schools, called Green Dot -- events which were chronicled in part in this May 2009 New Yorker article.  For a time, there was talk about Green Dot doing a turnaround in Chicago, and the organization is usually mentioned when charter school teachers unionize (one of Green Dot's distinctive characteristics).  Neither a takedown nor a piece of fan fiction, the book describes what it's like inside a turnaround effort, and how the school, the teachers, and the charter network are all affected.

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