AM News: Unionization Will Save/ Ruin Charter Schools

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Ruling Paves Way for Charter-School Unions WBEZ:  Charter-school
advocates say their goal is to loosen bureaucratic constraints on
classroom innovation. But a federal ruling this week could make it
harder for many Chicago-area charter schools to avoid union contracts... Parents See Ups, Downs of Teacher Ratings Chicago
is hammering out a new way to evaluate its teachers. Every school
district is required to do so by Illinois law. Chicago is going a step
further, however. The district wants to let parents know how well each
of its nearly 22,000 teachers performs. WBEZ finds parents to ponder the
plan... Students Take Part in Chicago Peace Day Event Students
from the Academy for Global Citizenship, an Archer Heights magnet
school, McCutcheon Elementary School in Uptown, and other schools took
part in the city's annual Peace Day in Chicago event on Saturday... New Libraries Offer New Way of Learning Chicago News Cooperative:  Mayor
Richard M. Daley has overseen a broad expansion of the city's library
system, helping to revitalize areas and benefit an array of citizens... Illinois misses out on more federal funding For
the second time in recent months, Illinois has been shut out of federal
funding aimed at boosting education and helping underprivileged
children succeed.

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  • Save or ruin charter schools, huh? Dramatic, much? Surely there must be a better way to describe the effect unions will have on charter schools. How about sticking to what's factually correct and omitting the absurd hyperbole? I suggest, "Unions will allow charter school teachers to negotiate their working conditions with their employers and give them the legal authority to enforce the terms of that negotiation"? It doesn't make for a snappy headline, but at least it's not misleading hysteria. After all, no one in the charter school unionization movement, and certainly no one from C/ACTS, is claiming unions will "save" charter schools. As for bringing about their ruination, maybe the bosses at CMSA will claim that. They certainly fought to thwart the will of the vast majority of their teachers hard enough.

  • More and more questions about unions.How effective are they in public schools systems,especially in Chicago.Teacher pay about $1000/year and still do not have a job security.Contract enforcement does not exist.For some Union is perceived as a gang using dues money for purposes not related to solidarity.Low quality of members services will definitely lead to anti union movement.More often then before members are talking about decertification.Scared.So whats good for charter schools members to start the union?Dues to pay? Not only school systems need to be reformed.Our unions should work for members not against members as well.

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