AM News: School Starts, Changes Large & Small

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What's new at Chicago Public Schools Sun Times:  Enrollment is expected to rise by 1,400 -- to 410,000 students -- at the nation's third-largest school district... Chicago Public Schools Deal With Cuts, Teacher Layoffs CBS2:  19 Schools Closed Or Turned Around, Many Ineffective Teachers Fired... Chicago schools have 'new eyes and ears on the street' Sun Times:  Wearing
neon yellow vests and packing cell phones, more than a dozen "community
watchers'' will line the busiest street leading to Corliss High School
for a mile today as a new Safe Passage program sweeps across the city's
public high schools... States Test Out New Math WSJ:  Principal
Kenyatta Stansberry, 38 years old, roamed halls lined with freshly
painted lockers, welcoming students back... The 100th School WBEZ:  WBEZ documents the hopes and fears these
schools bring out at one of seven Renaissance schools (Larry Hawkins) opening today.

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