AM News: Obama Back To School Speech Today

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Area school districts prepping for Obama speech
Tribune:  President
Obama will be giving his second speech to the nation's students
Portions of his speech were released Monday night...  Despite camera, teen severely mugged on way home from school Tribune:  Relatives
and neighbors often had warned 16-year-old Thomas Insley to find a safer route from school to his Rogers Park home...Danville Teacher Strike Closes Schools Fox:  Schools
in the eastern Illinois community of Danville were shut down after
hundreds of teachers and support staff went on strike... CPS windfall restores teachers, keeps class sizes down
Tribune:  Taft
High School has all of its two-dozen laid-off teachers back and class
sizes will remain at 28 students instead of a threatened 37, thanks to
a $108-million windfall the state received from Washington, Principal
Arthur Tarvardian told the Local School Council on Sept. 9... 

In Illinois, bilingual learning for non-English speakers now starts in preschool
Tribune:  With
his navy slacks and dress shirt still creased from his mother's iron,
4-year-old Edenzoe Diaz reported for his first day of preschool to
learn his letters in English and Spanish.
He got his first lesson as he stepped into the classroom.

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  • Danny, what really happened in restoring teachers at Taft?

  • According to Board Report 10-0825-EX17, August 25,2010: Report of the Chief Executive Officer on appointed teachers who were Honorably Terminated or Dismissed pursuant to Board Resolution 10-0615-RS1 between July 1,2010 to July 31,2010: On June 15, 2010 the Board of Education adopted Resolution 10-0615-RS1 which delegated to the Chief Executive Officer the authority to honorably terminate tenured teachers and honorably dismiss/layoff probationary appointed teachers. Pursuant to that delegation and directives contained therein. THE CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER REPORTS THAT: (1) The Chief Executive Officer or his designee notified 420 appointed teachers that they were being honorably terminated/dismissed/laid off between July 1,2010 and July 31,2010. The names and the date of the notice to the affected employees are contained in the Attachment to this report. (2) Health benefit coverage has been extended for the affected teachers through August 31, 2010. (3) The affected employees were notified that they may resign or retire in order to preserve any right they may have to a sick benefit day payout. Respectfully submitted, Ron Huberman, Chief Executive Officer.

  • How can Obama possibly be worse than Bush who nearly took the entire country to the brink of disaster economically and security wise. Obama has already decreased the U.S. debt by 8% and passed historic legislation to benefit education, jobs, health care, finance reform, security, ethics, and environmental issues against all odds by nay saying GOP members in his first term. This country needs a pragmatic intelligent visionary president such as Obama to stay the course in creating a sustainable U.S. recovery plan that benefits all Americans not just the wealthy!!!

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