AM News: Duncan Says Violence Worse

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Duncan on school violence: 'I think it has gotten worse' Sun Times:  ''We don't live in Iraq,'' he said... Board OKs $111 mil. site for new Jones Prep Sun Times: Despite tight budget times, a new $111 million school building would replace the current elite... Teachers Union: Chicago Neighborhoods Need a "Marshall Plan" WBEZ:  The
president of the Chicago Teachers Union is calling on the school
district to create a "Marshall Plan" for Chicago's historically poor
neighborhoods... Union: Cuts 'crippling' schools Sun Times:  Trimmed-back art, music and after-school programs. Those are the problems "crippling" many Chicago Public Schools and "cutting our students off at the knees... CTU Survey Says: Chaos WBEZ:  A new survey shows Chicago schools are reeling from recent staff cuts.

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  • Hi Ms. Sanders, an old friend. How are you doing and what school are you at now?

  • In reply to chijas:

    Same ole story on a different day. Whoever Retired Principal is I hope all is well with you.

    L. Sanders RN

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