AM News: Chico Leaning Towards Mayoral Run

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President cites Chicago violence in speech
Yahoo!  President
Obama on Tuesday cited the kind of violence seen in some Chicago
neighborhoods as one of the challenges facing urban teens today... Education debate generates sparks - and even a few ideas Tribune:  In a
panel discussion that included the head of the Chicago Public Schools
and its teachers union, sparks flew as the debate touched on hot-button
issues ranging from school vouchers to teacher evaluations... In Chicago, Needy Kids Lose Teachers--Again WBEZ: Teachers are being yanked from one of's neediest high schools six weeks into the school year. It's a situation that plagues certain public schools in the first weeks of class... Longtime Daley ally Chico 'seriously leaning toward' mayor's contest Clout Street:  Add City Colleges of Chicago Chairman Gery
Chico to the list of potential candidates in the wake of Mayor Richard
Daley's announcement that he won't run for another term...Understanding the Cycle of Violence in Austin ChicagoTalks:  As
gang violence and gun-related deaths continue to occur at an alarming
rate in a community on the West Side of Chicago, residents are finding
constructive ways to end the bloodshed that has plagued their
neighborhood for years...Create our own culture of calm
Defender:  In
light of the new school year where over 400,000 cps students returned
with the perception of hope, educational advancement, safety and
security, and a safe passage initiative funded through a federal grant
totaling at least $30 million dollars, it still seems that some youth
continue to ascribe to destructive and deadly behavior... Overall Ill. SAT Scores Drop, Essays Up Fox:  Average SAT scores in Illinois are down for the class of 2010, but the essay is proving to be one bright spot... Daley Lauded As School Dedicates New Building
Yahoo!  As
students celebrated the grand opening of the new Gary Comer College
Prep school building in the Grand Crossing neighborhood, Mayor Richard
M. Daley told them to "remember those who reached out and believed in
you." State-of-the-Art Charter School for the South Side WBEZ:  Chicago's South Side has a new charter school building that rivals the most modern schools in the region.

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  • He tried to use his mayoral pull as CPS prez to get sweetheart real-estate in Univ. Village. Among other shadiness.

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