2010 Scores: Tests Get Easier, Kids Do Better?

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Tests: the younger do better Sun Times:  Elementary school students showed improvement this year on annual Illinois achievement tests, but high school scores...

Test Scores for Illinois High School Students are Flat, Says Report WBEZ:  Illinois test scores for high school students are nearly flat. That's
according to a new analysis of state standardized test scores from the
Illinois State Board of Education...

Elementary scores up on state tests, high school juniors fall flat Sun Times:  The percent of public school juniors passing annual state tests remains naggingly low, at 53 percent, while nearly 81 ...

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Isn't this just a function of how much easier the ISATs are (and have been getting) than the PSAE, or is there something else going on here?  Could it be -- god forbid -- that all those benchmark assessments and interim diagnostics are helping kids do better?  Or, alternatively, could everyone score proficient and still not be able to do grade-level work? 


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  • Is it possible that elementary students are simply easier to teach in some ways and their natural curiosity is helpful in so doing. Peer pressure may not be as much of a concern at the lower levels, either.

  • I am, simply put, distraught at Dr. Koch's comments that appeared in Ms. Rossi's article on state wide test scores that Alexander posted on the blog. Ms. Rossi writes: "Although across all grades the state

  • Anonymous at 9:25 PM asked a great question. The PARCC proposal states that test items will be developed by rather complex subgroups that include testing experts. I know that there will be a subgroup on issues related to testing special education students. I am thinking about asking to be on that subgroup so I can at least give some input that has some basis related to what is going on in urban schools.

    Rod Estvan

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