The Struggle To Save [Fix?] Smyth Elementary



It's a story we've heard a thousand times -- a low performing neighborhood school pressured as new families move in and want more options for their kids. Last year it was Pulaski. The year before it was... I forget. The Chicago Journal has the latest version of the story, involving Smyth Elementary (Parents: Smyth not good enough):  "As families with school-age children continue to move into the redeveloped South Loop, school space is becoming scarce at nearby magnet schools. And, the space allotted at Smyth school is just not good enough to some who criticize Smyth as a non-racially diverse program that performs at the bottom of the charts and is full of poor kids."


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  • great comments, everyone -- here's an update from the chicago journal about a recent meeting parents had with huberman and other options that are being pursued by local aldermen:

    "Beyond reopening Jefferson, which closed two years ago, and expanding the Jackson program, Solis and Fioretti requested that CPS redraw the Jackson service boundary to match Smyth

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