Testing: Everyone's A Junior Now

Last week ISBE moved to fix the loophole that let some number of schools get away with not testing some kids as juniors:

About 8 percent of Illinois 12th graders skipped the Prairie State Achievement Exam when they were in their third year of high school, according to an analysis by the U.S. Department of Education in April. These students were classified as sophomores in May 2009. Months later, they showed up as 12th graders -- meaning they were never, technically, juniors for test-taking purposes.

This seems like a good thing to me but maybe there are problems there I'm not seeing. Did ISBE go too far, or not far enough?  (Illinois tightens test loophole Tribune)

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  • The actually wording which that article does not give:

    Therefore, it is proposed that Section 1.30 of the rules be amended to define

  • Having worked for CPS I think that what matters more are the schools who manipulate the system to thier advantage. If you knows the INS and outs of a system or process, then you also know how to game it.

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