Snow Days -- In Summer


Chicago teachers are urging CPS to consider closing school on days when the heat and humidity are excessive, according to this Rosalind Rossi story in the Sun Times (here), but the Board says no go.  What do you think?  The school year is mighty short as it is, but it's awfully hot out, too.



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  • CPS opposes using "snow days'' on hot days, district spokeswoman Monique Bond said, because "schools are the safest place for children to be, even under these extreme circumstances. Many families cannot make alternative plans for their children.''

    We are glorified babysitters. Let them sit in crowded hot classrooms and get sick from heat exhaustion but they will be safe. It is the same reason why they never use snow days during the winter.

  • The response from Bond about safety was one of the most asinine comments I have ever heard a pr person make. What about from 3pm until 9 am? No safety issues then? How dangerous are the many public pools during school hours, pools that dont even open until mid to late June? If they want safety in the summer, create park district programs that transport kids.
    As for alternative plans for parents, I cant think of anything that messes up childcare more than Track E -- or A, B, C, D. I do know of a wonderful private program in Beverly that accommodates Track E -- Just for Kids -- but they also run a daycamp through August for the kids on reg track.

  • lets have ms bond and huberman sit in the hot classroom....they wouldn't last and hopefully the two will be gone soon !!!!....both are totally useless!!!

  • Safe

    The alleged statements that students are safe in school is certainly true.
    But what a thing to say. The kids are safe because the faculty and staff
    make it so. This incredulous admission by a high ranking CPS official
    that the City is unsafe for kids shows how far this great metropolis has fallen into the
    grip of violence. Children can not be outside in the summer.
    What a world.

  • DedicatedTeacher - how many times do we need to dig in our pockets? There are teachers who have to buy school supplies for students plus their own supplemental supplies. Track E teachers should not have to dig in their own pockets when CPS should be providing it.

    Schools without air conditioning should not be allowed to move to Track E or year round until the air is installed and working.

  • I remember an overwieght bitch of a principal(Costello from Morriell) coming out her air conditioned office that wasn't working so well how hot it was, I informed her that the rest of school that was not air conditioned was "really hot" Anyone who is making these insane comments have air conditioned offices and cars. Hubeman, Bond , Daley, any principal who works for CPS, do I really need to go on?????

  • CPS does not care about faulty, staff and students "burning up" in schools during this heat wave or ant other heat wave! CPS doesn't care about sending faculty, staff and students to school with -30 degrees wind chill and 20 inches of snow on the ground! Daley first, students last! Vote Daley out in the next election!

  • In the SunTimes today:

    Also Friday, Huberman said he gave schools the authority not to penalize kids whose parents kept them home Friday because of the second school day in a row of an "excessive heat warning.'' Such students can be counted as "excused absences,'' Huberman said.

    If the heat becomes oppressive in the future, Huberman said, he would consider using a "snow day'' as a "heat day'' and canceling classes at some or all of the roughly 100 of about 200 year-round schools without full air-conditioning -- something CTU officials called for Thursday.

    Huberman said he debated but did not declare such a heat day Friday because of a "huge concern for safety'' and the difficulty parents might have in arranging supervision for their children on short notice.

    "We know our schools are the safest places our students can be,'' Huberman said. "Many of our students rely on us for two meals a day. If we have students in our buildings, we can ensure they are hydrated. All of those factors figured into our decision to keep schools open [Friday].',CST-NWS-heat14.article

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