Smaller Changes To The 2010-2011 School Year


Behind the headlines, there are probably going to be lots of small but important changes at schools around Chicago -- schedule changes, assignment changes, curriculum changes -- that usually get lost in the hullabaloo of starting a school year.  Here's one, from the Chicago Gazette: Outspoken Principal Pollett retires from Montefiore School.  Others we've already talked about include changes in the lunch menu (no more daily nachos) and the spread of Tracke E.  What else is going to be different for you or your school?  Your schedule, your duties, your approach?  Your technology, your classroom, your preps, your commute?  Tell us everything -- just not about class sizes, job cuts, and budgets (which you can talk about elsewhere on the site).

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  • My class sizes will be going up from the mid-80s to over 100. I have 88 desks in my room. Obviously I don't teach in a core area, but still...

    That's going to give me a student load of over 500 each day. Ouch. Fortunately I'll only have to prep for 4 different courses, not 5.

  • Check out the most recent revision of that calendar. mClass Math is now (8/12/2010) listed as recommended, not required.

  • Can you explain, please?

    Not all schools have their teachers and the class list uploaded to Impact. I know my school has not completed the list. Gradebook won't be available until Impact is completed.

  • No more 8th writing tests (i believe there were two or three). The fifth/sixth teacher received the IAES and I received the IAPS science curriculum through NCLB funds. Thanks NCLB!

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