Rating Chicago's Reformy-Ness

Chicago gets just one"A" grade in this new report from the conservative-leaning Fordham Foundation -- for "municipal environment."  In that area alone, Chicago comes in first.  In all other areas, the district is graded in the middle of the pack.  Whether this is good news -- there are still some educators left! -- or bad news -- not enough reform! -- I will leave up to you.  Here's the report findings (PDF) Here's the profile of Chicago from a very reformy point of view (PDF)  -- very interesting reading.  Here's the breakout of the various points and grades given to CPS (PDF). 

ScreenHunter_28 Aug. 26 19.51.gif Maybe this is why IL didn't win any Race To The Top money? Or maybe it was the consultants and strategists.  Heads are still shaking that Ohio and Hawaii got funding while Louisiana and Colorado didn't. 


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