Old School Programs Win "Innovation" Funding


Many of the big winners in the just-announced federal "Innovations" grant program are familiar and obvious choices for the reformy Duncan team in Washington -- TFA, KIPP, you get the idea.  KIPP will train 1,000 principals (that's $50K per, right?).  TFA will double its size to a whopping 13,000 teachers (roughly the size of... Minneapolis?).  But there are some surprises, too, including nearly $50 million for Ohio State and other ed schools to train nearly 4,000 first grade Reading Recovery teachers, and the same amount for Success For All, the whole school elementary school reform model you may recall from the 1990s, which will expand its reach by a thousand more schools.  Though a handful of school districts won development and expansion grants, I haven't seen anything Chicago-specific.  Here's some coverage from EdWeek.

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