Media: Thirty Blogs Cover Chicago Education!?


The Community Media Workshop was kind enough to include District 299 in it's 2010 report on the new media ecology  (and good enough to call and make sure that it's information was correct). Lots of interesting tidbits in the report, but the thing that jumped out at me was that education ranked 4th most popular topic.  A whopping 30 sites said that they covered education issues -- a number I find hard to believe.  Am looking for a list.  I can only think of about five sites that cover education with any regularity.  Must be missing something.


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  • I don't know where else to post this: but the bulletin of 8/4/10 lists many job openings making over $90 thousand. This one in particular intrigues me: Executive Leadership Coach. One of the job requirements is listed as..."Make every effort to keep

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