Mad At Huberman?

huberman_515.jpgRumor -- nothing more than that -- is that the Mayor's at Huberman.  Some insiders (rumor-mongerers) are even saying that Huberman might be out of his spot heading CPS not too long from now.  I find that hard to believe, but the Mayor does seem pretty pissed off at the world lately and the two haven't been photographed together recently (were they at last weekend's back to school event together?).  The youth violence issue is a constant thorn in the Mayor's side.    And it occurs to me that Daley might want to be seeing more feistiness out of Huberman than he's seen lately.  Huberman projects some version of calm and is good at seeming competent, but seems like he's in over his head as much or more as Arne was.  And he doesn't have that jock thing that Duncan had, which served as a sort of shield against Duncan's limitations.  But we need evidence, people, specific indications that there's daylight between the two.  Are they saying different things on TIF?  Are they staring daggers at each other at public events?  These are the things that will tell us what (if anything) is going on.  


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  • the focus here is on daley being mad at huberman, and this item from the sun times explains what it may have been about ... cutting sports!,daley-sports-programs-080310.article

  • Points well made. We need to include the attack on foreign language teachers. By studying a foreign language actually helps students with their native language and builds vocabulary. Another major education point that is not understood by Mr. Performance-Management

  • You guys are missing the real deal here. Daley always has a plan, a process where he puts stuff out and then, kaboom, sh*t happens. A few weeks ago he leaked all this stuff about Mary Ellen Caron, now he clearly is distancing himself from Huberman. Just watch. The fifth floor is setting the groundwork. Ronnie feels the icy cool of being ignored. Rich has already thrown out another name and the press has unwittingly put it out for everyone.
    I have been on the inside. I see the pattern. Huberman will be gone soon.
    Plus the mayor is now telling people to talk to the police supt. about crime in Chicago. That guy is on his way out too.
    Daley uses the media like a lap dog. He puts out small bits, causing confusion, speculation and fear. Then he moves.

  • Wow. CTU filed a federal lawsuit.§ion=Article

  • You two are good. You forgot that the pension board sued CPS as well.
    I haven't heard what is happening with that one. Does anyone know?

  • I think this is about right, and it's an important difference between Daley and RH. Unfortunately, I think that Daley wants to blame (and then, punish) teachers for the systemic failures. Huberman seems to "get" that part.

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