Jobs: Just 13 Percent Of Laid Off Teachers Rehired, Says Union


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CTU says that only 13 percent of teachers may return to classrooms, based on the waves of layoffs so far, despite CPS promises earlier this week to "rescind the layoffs" of high school teachers laid off due to class size increases (remember those?) that were then no longer necessary because of the edujobs money.  The union says that it has data showing 658 regular track school firings from earlier this week, with only 167 of the 1322 teachers fired, or 13%, getting their jobs back.  The union also notes (as have many of you) that going down to 31 per class is an increase from the contracted 28 despite what CPS says. Click the chart to see it full-sized.  Click below for the full release. 

CPS Firings Target Highly Qualified Tenured Teachers:

Only 13% May Return to the Classroom.

Schools Brace for Loss of Teacher Leadership


At the monthly Board of Education meeting on 8/25/10, CPS officials said it would "rescind the layoffs" of high school teachers who were terminated due to class size increases.  CPS officials said they were able to "restore the average high school class size to 31 students" thanks to a one-time influx of $106 million federal funds earmarked for rehiring teachers.   But according to data dragged out of CPS by the Chicago Teachers Union over the past month, and receiving partial data on 658 Regular Track school firings on 8/24/10, that means that 167 of the 1322 teachers fired, or 13%, may be returned to their classrooms (see attached table).  According to an 8/25/2010 CPS press release, CPS claimed to "restore class sizes to 31" with the $106 million federal funds.  "This is an increase.  Contractual high school class size is 28, not 31.  CPS is increasing class size.  That is unacceptable," said Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis.


Who will fill the remainder of the 1155 positions remains unknown. 

"CPS chose to unlawfully fire tenured teachers to weaken schools, plain and simple," said Lewis who stated that 83% of the 426 Track E fired teachers were tenured.   It is assumed that nearly all of the 238 fired city-wide coaches were also tenured, but CPS has not released that data.  All CPS teachers are on probation during their first three years of teaching and can be fired at any time without cause.  In their fourth year, teachers become tenured and are given the right to defend themselves against disciplinary actions which could lead to losing their jobs.  "It's not a guarantee, but at least tenure offers teachers some protections from arbitrary and retaliatory dismissals," said Lewis.

"Parents and students should be outraged that CPS clearly targeted tenured teachers.  Without tenured teachers, students are at increased risk.  Tenured teachers strongly advocate for students' legal right to full services, such as those for special needs students and English language learners.  Tenured teachers enforce class size limits, safety and student discipline matters.  Tenured teachers review the school's budget to ensure the money goes to students in the classroom.  These daily battles for students' equal educational rights may put tenured teachers at odds with policies of certain principals or the Board of Education that harm students," said Lewis.

No matter how the courts decide in September, CTU members will document new hires and all staffing changes in each and every building for a class action grievance.


Chicago Public Schools Teacher Firings, Summer 2010

Released by the Chicago Teachers Union 8/27/10

NOTE:  Blank cells indicate incomplete data supplied by Chicago Public Schools

Percentages shown in (  )


School/ Position Category

Total # (%)



1st Wave of Firings (6/16-29/2010)

City-wide: Teacher Coaches, Special Education-OSS, and Home/ Hospital-based



Unknown.  Due to position, however, nearly all are likely tenured.


Redefinition - 81 (34%)

Lack of Funds - 76 (32%)

Program change/program closed - 79 (33%)

2nd Wave  of Firings

(6/26 - 8/02/2010;

6 notices given prior to 6/26/2010)                                      REASON FOR TERMINATION


Total #


Reallocation of Funds

Program Reduction


Enrollment Drop

Class Size Increase

Track E Schools















3rd Wave of Firings

(began 8-10-2010 postmarked 8/11/2010)

Regular Track Schools























# # #

The Chicago Teachers Union represents 30,000 teachers and educational support personnel working in the Chicago Public Schools and, by extension, the students and families they serve. CTU, an affiliate of the American Federation of Teachers and the Illinois Federation of Teachers, is the third largest union in the country and the largest local union in Illinois.   


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  • chicago reader story on layoffs coming out next week, i'm told.

  • Anonymous said:

    "There is no indication for 'Unsatisfactory.' Interesting"

    I have examined the layoff information CPS attached to it lawsuit that CPS provided to it. In what the CTU calls the first round only the five reasons CTU cites in its PR release were listed by CPS as a reason for termination. No teacher was formally laid off for having an unsatisfactory rating as far as I can see.

    Teachers laid off had all sorts of ratings, the absolute minority had unsatisfactory ratings. By the way just for the record I do not get paid by CTU nor am I currently in the union and I have no funds in the pension pool.

    The majority of special education teachers laid off were for a drop in enrollment. I am thinking about this issue and how to examine it. I am very concerned about the special education enrollment projections at some schools being wrong by a significant amount and some students with disabilities not having required services provided until after the 20th day.

    The CPS budget, i.e. the Oracle reports for the primary school based units 19092, 19096, 19097, and 19098 in relation to special education teachers, indicated only 31.5 special education teacher position reductions. But I can see many more reduction than that and from what laid off special education teachers have told me about positions appearing at job fairs there are not a lot of hires going on for special ed. I am finding this contradictory and will do my best to understand why.

    Rod Estvan

  • Channel 5 just had a story on this. And guess who the CTU spokesman was, all dressed up in a suit and with a PhD on his name?
    What a brain trust at CTU.. I guess it could have been worse. It could have been Schmidt...

  • I have to agree with the criticism of Stewart: she did have problems with syntax.

  • What has happened with the Corey H Settlement? The ruling about whether it would continue or finally be resolved was to have come this immediate past week. Anyone know? Are the schools which have the LRE Grant going to be cut loose from the process?

  • another veteran teacher laid off -- story as told to mike klonsky

  • The CPS attorneys who work in spec ed are there to defend the district against students/parents in due process filings. They are not advocating for students.

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