Expanding IB To Senn & Beyond


The folks from DePaul were kind enough to send me this magazine which includes an article about the expansion of the IB program in CPS (

Face to Face Summer 2010.pdf

) tied to the announcement that newly-installed Senn HS principal Susan Lofton is bringing in a Middle Years IB program.  (If you want to read and write comments about Senn and  Susan Lofton, see previous post here.) Take a look at the article if you'd like, and let us know what your experience has been with IB programs in CPS when they're implemented outside of the selective high schools and put into regular ones.  The idea is that they increase rigor and preparedness, but the worry is that they get watered down or fracture the curriculum.  Experiences?  Impressions?  You know what to do. 

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