Class Sizes: Hundreds Of Teachers To Be Rehired

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From CTU at the end of last week -- still seeking more details (which schools!?) and confirmation:  "During yesterday's negotiations between the Chicago Teachers Union's 40-member negotiating team and the Chicago Board of Education's legal representation, the Board's lawyers said they would cap some high school class sizes at 28 - mainly core classes such as English, math, science and social studies -- but only for the regular track schools that start September 7th. According to the Chicago Teachers Union, a very rough estimate is that about 300-400 teachers might be rehired."


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  • So I guess education matters at regular schedule schools but Track E students be damned?

  • In reply to FrontRow:

    Wouldn't it be *more* disruptive now that Track E schools have already started to change student schedules in the high schools?

    As a teacher, I certainly prefer the 28 student limit; but it's not like there is any evidence that at the high school level students learn more in classes of 28 than in classes of 31.

    Of course, if your only concern for the schools is as a jobs program, then I suppose I'd feel the way you do.

  • In reply to Danaidh:

    I am the second "placeholder" sub for freshmen in a Track E school, one of several in the building, I think. These students need their teachers back NOW, and their needs demand smaller classes. As for no evidence that a class of 31 is no worse than a class of 28, any teacher in a Chicago neighborhood school will give you anecdotal evidence on the impact of having more time from their teachers.

  • In reply to Danaidh:

    Will someone please tell me what happens today at the job fair for laid off teachers at McCormick Place East from 8-5 pm? Thanking you in advance!

  • In reply to chijas:

    If it is like the last job fair, it will be a joke. But McCormick place enjoys taking $20 for parking.

  • In reply to Danaidh:

    At any school I have worked at, the programmers are changing schedules for over a month for leveling and class changes. However, you would forgo lowering student-teacher ratio to avoid a temporary disruption that would only benefit both students and teachers in the long run? The data shows that low student to teacher numbers are very important for student especially when so many have IEPs.

    Lastly, CPS has become a jobs program for TFA and and CTF. Because of these jobs programs, many of our veteran teachers are heading for the suburbs and will not return to CPS. It is important to have high quality veteran teachers providing their service in an environment that is most productive for students. This idea seems lost on Humpin Hubey and the rest of his myopic followers.

  • In reply to FrontRow:

    "The data shows that low student to teacher numbers are very important for student especially when so many have IEPs."

    You are full of brown fecal matter. There is no valid research that shows class sizes in the upper 20s are any more effective than class sizes in the lower 30s beyond the primary grades.

    Same for kids with IEPs. Of course, you might find significant effect with class sizes of 10 or fewer students. But not in going from lower 30s to upper 20s.

    Myopic? That's you FR.

  • In reply to FrontRow:

    no specifics here but this story says that a thousand teachers have been laid off - and about the same number will be hired thanks to the edujobs money

  • Whoa, I must be a terrible teacher. I dont know what an e-portfolio is -- please, tell me. And the DVD? Should that be a video of a teacher interacting with students?

  • At the high school level, it is not just a matter of sending students into another classroom. Schedules have to be reprogrammed, factoring in availability and space in other classes that period and at that level. There also is the matter of the 20-day attendance. It is my understanding that many Track E layoffs occurred just before school started.

  • Thank you for telling it like it is. For those who disagree, really? If a teacher has 10 years experience and NO endorsements-that screams "lazy teacher." No e-portfolio? Seriously? We are in the technology age. Everyone in the know knows that technology sells. No, to the poster below-experience just won't do. A paper resume does not illustrate what a person can do as well as an e-portfolio can.

    We need to concede that there are horrible teachers in our profession and let them go their way. I am happy that someone had the guts to let us know what type of "teachers" showed up for the job fair. It certainly tells me that the right people were let go.

    Furthermore, maybe we do need to come off our high horse and admit that we earn a "salary", we are not "hourly" workers. I would gladly work the after-school program for no extra pay if it meant that my kids would improve. I would also gladly work ten extra days per year to bring up the instructional days to the 180 everyone else has. Why does everything come to money? Waa Waa, I need more money to do that...Seriously? As a fourth-year teacher (with an endorsement), I am making over $50,000 per partial year. When I worked in business, I averaged $30,000 per full year. You tell me which is better.

  • I am very secure in my abilities. Thank. You. Very. Much. The 30,000 I made before teaching was in a clerical position. It doesn't mean I didn't do a good job.
    So far, I have well over 100 CPDU hours as well as my Masters degree-at the third year of teaching (I am beginning the fourth this year). If you read the post that I was replying to you would have seen that he or she remarked that some had 10 years with NO endorsement.
    As for using technology to win a position-it is impressive. The very first placement I interviewed for, I was placed because of my e-portfolio as well as the CD I included with my resume. So, yeah, it does count. It shows that one is current with technology and can roll with the times.
    I do not put in a full year of work as a teacher-on paper. Look at my CPDU hours. I am just saying that if the board wanted to add 10 extra days to the school year, I wouldn't mind. Obviously you would. You get a salary for an entire year. Isn't that what goes on your income tax form? Would it kill us to work 10 extra days based on the salary we already have? I guess for some, the greed is overwhelming. That is why the public hates us.

    As for namecalling. Hmmmmm, I guess that sort of thing flies in your classroom, but it doesn't in mine. So, leave the names to yourself. Please follow the Golden Rule. Thank you.

  • In reply to judgejury81:

    One other thing-I would bet dollars the you were or are one of the people who complain about FirstClass and Gradebook. Well, let me tell you, as someone who has a good technology background, they are not so bad. I am able to set up a classroom website and use gradebook to its fullest advantages without help from IT. Can you? See, this is where having technology skills can help. I don't spend a lot of time trying to figure things out because I know how to use it. Granted, there are better programs out there, but for the most part, the people I see complaining about the ones we have are the ones who don't know how to use technology and are always at my door asking, "How do I...?"

  • Exactly what is making me arrogant? The fact that I know technology and know how to use it to my advantage?
    Or, is it because I don't agree with you? Again, with the name calling.

  • See, the thing is-when the children are in my classroom, they do not see a teacher with dollar signs in her eyes. They see a teacher with compassion and belief in them.

    As a matter of fact, I do teach reading and what I read above is that you left the classroom for MORE MONEY. So, you WERE a teacher, if you are the same anonymous person.

  • In reply to judgejury81:

    And, you have not proven your point that I am a "bonafide idiot who clearly should not be in a position of authority..." Please give your evidence. Thank you. Also, could you please do it WITHOUT name calling and insults? I have been nothing but nice to you while you hurl the insults. Are you not making enough money? What is making you so angry?

  • At least with my username, you know you are conversing with the same person. I may be getting attacked by many anonymous people. And, no I don't need the last word.

  • I am not hurt by anything. At the end of the day, I know why I am STILL with CPS. There is no passive-aggression anywhere in my post. But, you did not address my request for backing up the claim that I am an idiot.

  • Why wouldn't I? Having built up my CPDUs is a huge accomplishment within three years. How many do you have? I earn my standard this year and I am very proud of my accomplishments-Thank You Very Much. Just sayin'...
    Over and out-I am done with this conversation as I refuse to match wits with an unarmed person. LOL

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