AM News: Should City Colleges Remain Open?


CPS improves high schoolers going to college rate Clout Street:  The percentage of Chicago Public Schools
graduates going on to college continued to increase in the past year,
Mayor Richard Daley and school officials announced today, though the
city still lags behind the...

Chicago Mayor Wants to End City College Open Admissions EdWeek:  Chicago
Mayor Richard Daley says he wants to end the "open-door" admissions
policy at Chicago City Colleges, saying the system can't afford the $30
million price tag for remedial classes. Talks of Cutting Open Admission at Chicago City Colleges Come Under Fire WBEZ:  The idea to end open admissions and scale back remedial courses at Chicago City Colleges is under fire.

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  • How can Mayor Daley even think of ending the open admissions policy at the Chicago City Colleges when his boy Huberman hasn't fixed the problem of CPS High School graduates being ill-prepared for college level coursework?

  • The ACT has a really strong correlation to college success. So, what is college ready? If college readiness is indicated by ACT scores of 18 English, 22 Reading, 21 Math, and 24 Science (I'm doing this from memory, so I may be off a point here and there), maybe that should be an absolute requirement for high school graduation. If you can't hit those scores, you can't graduate. Ever. Would that make the people who criticize the CPS High Schools happy? How many of these critics could graduate from high school if this were the criteria? Not so many, I bet, as the average ACT score in Illinois is about 21. Is this what people want, the majority of our populace shut out of a high school diploma because they are "ill prepared" for college level coursework?

  • from catalyst comes word that huberman claims to have preserved college coaching and AVID positions in the cuts so far -- though obviously that doesn't solve the whole problem of remediation

  • Funny that one of the first official acts of the new chancellor Cheryl Hyman was to purchase a new luxury SUV for her personal use.

    What is it about expensive leased vehicles that top public officials love so much (Ron Huberman, Ald. Ed. Burke, etc)?

    aren't their big salaries enough ?

    We taxpayers would be better off reimbursing them for mileage at the irs rate of .55 per mile.

    She has not been here two months and one of her first actions is to get a fancy, shiny new car.

    Wayne Watson had no problem with the Crown Vic......

    And what is it with the mayor appointing these non-educators to education positions, like bicycle cop Huberman to CPS ?
    My position is that the Mayor, Gery Chico (former Board of Ed President), and Chancellor Hyman are being very hypocritical.

    Chancellor Hyman, whose parents were on drugs, dropped out of Orr High School at 17,and was homeless. Per her own comments when she became Chancellor of the City colleges-- "What I bring to the kids more than anything else is hope and confidence. . . . I want them to know that you, too, can have these same problems and end up one day running one of the very institutions you graduated from," said Hyman, who attended Olive-Harvey College, got a bachelor's degree from the Illinois Institute of Technology and earned master's degrees from North Park University and Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management.

    At 17, Hyman dropped out of Orr and left home to avoid following her parents down the dark tunnel of drug addiction. It was an excruciating decision made easier by the neighbors who took her in temporarily and the grandmother who provided a permanent home after a nomadic year of shuffling between homes.

    "I had . . . a lot of anger. At the same time, those were my parents and I love them. But something in me knew that, if I stayed there, I would become a product of that, too. I didn't care how I was going to take care of myself. All I knew is that I could do better. . . . I was not going to allow my circumstances to dictate my destiny. And that's what I want these kids to understand," she said.

    "I get asked all the time, 'What made you not do it?' I don't know. . . . But a lot of our kids don't have that inner strength. Success needs to look like them. Success needs to feel like them. They need to see me. They need to hear this. They need to see my parents," who have been clean for many years.

    But now, because Chicago is virtually bankrupt, and the Mayor needs to save money-- and because Ms. Hyman has now "made it"-- I guess she forgot where she came from, and the pledge she made to help others similarily situated.

  • Let's be blatant and honest about this: if the mayor thinks that the streets of Chicago are a nightmare now, wait until the young people who at least want to try to better their conditions and further their education get locked out of the opportunity to do so. It'll make the last couple of summers in Chicago look like the Summer of Love.

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