AM News: "Nacho Service" Reduced By CPS


What's happened since school lunch investigation? Tribune:  Nacho
service would be reduced in high schools from every day to once a week
and in elementary schools to once a month... Officials Defend Daley's Crime-Fighting Efforts  WBEZ:  Some
Cook County officials today tried to help Chicago Mayor Richard Daley
counter perceptions his administration is failing against violent crime.Chicago teachers challenge job cuts in court BusinessWeek:  Alicia
Winckler, the school system's head of personnel, said the dismissals
were mostly the result of an increase in high school class sizes - to 33
students - and cuts to bilingual education and world language classes... CPS Slapped with Lawsuit Over Teacher Firings
WBEZ:  The
Chicago Teachers Union is suing the city's board of education in order
to stop more than a thousand teachers from being laid off... Chicago teachers challenge job cuts in court
AP:  The
Chicago Teachers Union has filed a federal lawsuit against the Chicago
Public Schools in an attempt to halt the dismissals of hundreds of
teachers and support staff..

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