AM News: More Warnings About Chicago School Budget


Denver School Official Urges Caution on CPS's Debt-Restructuring Goal WBEZ:  A potentially risky strategy to help balance Chicago Public Schools' budget is moving forward. But an official from Denver says her city's attempt to try the same thing should give Chicago pause... School Bus Driver Was Still Working After Assault Yahoo! A local school bus driver was apparently still working while he was under investigation on sexual assault charges... Parents outraged that sexual assault suspect was still driving his school bus Yahoo!  A school bus driver under investigation in the sexual assault of a special education student in 2009 was still behind the wheel of a bus a year later when he allegedly trapped a second Chicago teenager on his vehicle and propositioned her, according to court records... Online learning in Chicago schools Tribune:  Supporters say online learning is inexpensive and flexible; critics call it untested Supporters say online learning is inexpensive and flexible; critics call it untested... How Do Schools Get Rid of Bad Teachers? FoxNews:  Between 2003 and 2006, three-tenths of one percent of Chicago public school teachers were considered unsatisfactory. How are the teachers evaluated? What does it take to get rid of bad teachers?... Ray of hope for Catholic schools? Yahoo!  The Archdiocese of Chicago is fighting an uphill battle to persuade parents to do what was once a given for many of the area's Catholic families - send their children to parochial schools.

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  • Some teachers I know are working at South Side Catholic schools. One, a ten year veteran, just surpased $40K. He told me most teachers leave after one or two years. The turnover is incredible because the pay is very low.

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