AM News: Huberman Unveils Zero Reserve Budget


CPS to use reserve funds to balance budget Tribune:  Schools chief Ron Huberman said that completely drawing down the $190 million reserve to balance the budget is necessary because the state still owes the... A balancing act for Chicago Public Schools Sun Times:  With no concessions from teachers due a 4 percent pay raise, schools CEO Ron Huberman planned to unveil a $6.4 billion budget today that will leave zero ... Teachers wondering about their careers Tribune:  Of the 1,100 education majors from ISU's Class of 2010, about 80 percent
are still hoping for an offer, according to the career office. And even
traditionally hard-to-fill specialties -- math, science and special
education -- in impoverished communities are turning away applicants. Nontraditional teaching jobs awash in applicants Tribune:  The great teaching drought of 2010 has produced
some winners -- mostly those trying to hire for nontraditional educator
jobs.  IL farmers can cash in on millions as schools and restaurants demand local produce
Tribune:  Farms
cover 75 percent of Illinois land, yet wholesale buyers report a
shortage of the fresh, local food they can purchase. Demand is high and
farmers can focus on schools, restaurants and other local customers to
raise profits, a new study shows.

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  • Anonymous at 9:41 AM really needs to calm down. The actual budget will go on line today so we all can read it and study it, including the CTU. As to the question of the CPS reserve fund, Ms. Rossi from the Sun Times wrote on June 15: "The board also agreed to let Huberman obtain a short-term line of credit worth up to $800 million to cover more than $400 million in late state aide and replete a reserve fund that will topple, by school year

  • The statement by "It is actually more like a 20% pay cut said" is incorrect. The CPS presented all of these options with an estimated value assinged to each of them. The 8 points are correct and were in the proposal, but CPS never asked CTU to give up all of these 8 points. They asked for a cash equilivant for the number of teachers CTU might want to save with each teacher costing $100,000.

    As I stated before I thought the proposal was a bad deal because is did not lock in positions for two years, but required the concessions to be for two years. There is enough confusion out there already coming from CPS, we really do not need more confusion on what CPS asked for.

    Rod Estvan

  • Rod, keep up the great work!

  • I thought the total number of lay offs was shy of 1,500. Now, according to the SunTimes article:

    "An estimated 2,007 teachers, academic coaches and other school workers were trimmed out of the new budget, including 800 teachers and 400 clerks, custodians and other school-based workers receiving layoff notices this week."

    And I think it is unfair for Huberman and CPS to claim this is all because teachers did not agree to concessions. Did he think Lewis would say yes without input from the rank and file? Does anyone know when the next CTU/CPS meeting is?


    "Among the good news in the budget, Huberman said, is that CPS was able to stave off class size increases in elementary schools"

    What a liar. You can't tell me that the 400 teachers terminated/laid off were all from high schools in Track E.

  • Here's something interesting that you missed Alex:

    Gov. Pat Quinn signed a law today requiring the Chicago Board of Education towork with city police to create the hot line by January, though officials were unclear whether the phone line will be up by then. Students will be able to report information anonymously, but the calls must be recorded by police, who also are charged with investigating the tips.

    Information about the hot line, including the yet-to-be-established phone number, must be posted in each school.

  • 1700 cuts is the new number from huberman, according to chicago public radio

  • Notice how TIF's have dropped off the radar? Next year, let's bring up 1+ billion in TIF money and will be found.

  • Consider it salutory neglect if the region ignores your school.

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