AM News: Gone To The Beach Open Thread

Picture 3 Gone to the beach.  Have a great weekend.  Check out John Podesta's defense of the Obama education priorities (recently attacked by Dana Milkbank) here, and Paul Tough on funding uncertain initiatives (here). Oh, and Justin Long (Drew Barrymore's boyfriend) texts with a middle schooler in Texas on Jimmy Kimmel last night.  All via Wonkbook.

See you Monday.  Meantime, feel free to share links, bring up topics we haven't gotten to recently, etc.

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  • Barrington uses VAM for teacher evals:

    "Teachers in District 211 will be judged on how students are performing rather than on how they're teaching, a system that officials say could be an example to the rest of the state."

    And this gem...

  • In reply to schoolspam:

    If they can get the math right and deal with situations such as excess absenteeism or early departures and late arrivals, I think VAM is a much better yardstick then just AYP or no AYP. If a teacher can get students who enter her 5th grade class at 2nd grade level up to 4th grade level, she may have failed to get them up to par but she ought to be rewarded for what she did accomplish.

  • In reply to cermakRd:

    The District 211 process cannot possibly be VAM (unless Grimm, the ass't superintendent just doesn't know what the heck he's doing).

    You cannot assess "value added" at the high school (or departmentalized middle school) level because there are too many teachers involved. You can't assume that the English and math teachers are the only teachers a student has that address language arts and math skills and concepts.

    I always wonder how this will work in the HS. I'm a social studies teacher, and we don't even test those subjects.

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