AM News: Federal Jobs Money On Its Way...?


Job funds to flow sans legislation State School News Service (PDF):  In a memo beginning on Page 191, State Supt. Chris Koch reminds the board that Quinn has authority in the "Emergency Budget Act" to set the funding for many state programs for FY 2011... Changes in store for struggling schools Post Tribune:  Five high schools -- Gary's Roosevelt Career and Technical Academy, Hammond, Morton, Calumet, East Chicago Central -- and Central Elementary in Lake Station are entering the fifth year of academic probation under the state's Public Law 221, an accountability measure... A revolving door Catalyst:  Charter schools had to replace an average of more than half of their teachers between 2008 and 2010, a turnover rate on par with some of the most troubled district-run schools. Experts say that high teacher turnover is associated with a school in turmoil and that instability often hampers student performance... Searching for equity Catalyst:  Mayor Richard M. Daley has vowed to continue with his Renaissance 2010 strategy. Yet six years after it was launched, nearly 3 out of 4 Chicago schoolchildren still attend low-performing schools. Top officials acknowledge that new schools are not the main spark for systemwide improvement... CPS to Hold Public Budget Hearings This Week WBEZ:  Parents and community members will have a chance to sound off on Chicago Public Schools' $6.4 billion budget plan this week... Reynaldo hasn't lost artistic touch Sun Times:  Metra may need to hire West-chester Middle School eighth-grader Reynaldo Rodriguez as its staff artist. For the second year in a row, Reynaldo has won the "People's Choice" award for his Metra safety poster.

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  • It seems like even Koch is worried that Quinn won't give ISBE the jobs money. Then on page two it says:

    Quinn claims to have $900 million more in budget cuts to announce.

  • I agree, money helps. Of course if someone or a school is in trouble or chronically failing, more money will help. But to rely on more money alone to bail out a school or to think that is the godesend solution is thinking too optimistically.

    It's more than money. To read more, see my article about money and Marshall, a chronically failing school on the west side:

  • new york times says that many districts are taking wait and see approach with edujobs bailout money -- not rehiring immediately


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