Who Cares Who Replaces Eason-Watkins? Not I.

If anything's clear from the past few years, it's that the Chief Education job at CPS is almost completely subservient to the CEO job, or at best mildly preventative (and enabling).  So I'm not sure why anyone really cares who gets the job. So I'm not sure why anyone cares who gets the job replacing BEW (Daley

gets heat on pick for CPS education post Sun Times), who recently retired from CPS and moved on to Gary (or was it Michigan City).  It's not like the job is a launching pad to greater things, or a position whose holder can tell the CEO what to do or stake out an independent view.  Did BEW ever push back against Duncan with any great success?  Not that we know of.


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  • Well, first off, according to the Spielman/Rossi piece in the Sun-Times, everyone is either on vacation or not commenting on this presumptive appointment. So, where did the rumor/trial ballon originate?

    The Mayor is a very good politician (which is not the same thing as being a very good Mayor). He well understands race relations in this city, and balanced his first school team with a white male, black female, and Hispanic male. With a black female now heading the Board, I'm surprised he isn't looking for an Hispanic educator for CEdO.

    Although this office appears to be a figure-head, I nonetheless think it is important to have a good educator in it.

    I really don't have a problem with the management of the Chicago Public Schools being made of primarily of persons with backgrounds It kinds of makes sense.

    OTOH, we've seen everyone with an education background pushed aside so that now there is NO ONE in upper management with an education background. That really doesn't make sense. The pendulum, as it were, has swung too far in the direction of management, and now it is high time for it to find balance by swinging back toward hiring/promoting educational leaders with educational credentials.

    Race isn't unimportant; but more important is finding a top educator who KNOWS schooling and, like 'Retired Administrator' wrote, can be both a loyal team player in public, but fight like heck for sound education policy at the decision-making level.

  • Interesting. So do you think Daley is getting serious about education and actually working to put an education person at the helm or is this another ploy?

  • ed hayes at the examiner says it's an insult to name another crony to the top ed spot

  • In reply to AlexanderRusso:


  • I have worked with Mary Ellen Caron on disability related issues in her current job as year Commissioner of the Department of Family and Support Services. She has been supportive of proactive programs that benefit both children with disabilities and their families. I will second everything said by posters in relation to her legitimate concern for Chicago's children. I would also add that as Commissioner she has been a tireless worker.

    Now as to my concerns. My impression is that Ms. Caron is a supporter of the diversification of the Chicago public schools inclusive of charters and contract schools. She has indicated at two meetings I have been at with her that she sees competition as a key to public school improvement. Given, the performance problems in some charter schools I have real reservations about CPS having a Chief Ed Officer who is ideologically predisposed to the competitive model of school improvement. It seems clear that an educator who is overtly hostile to charters and contracts would not be acceptable in this role, but one that at least expresses some reservations and emphasizes accountability for these ventures would be refreshing.

    I do not know Ms. Caron's position on what Mr. Huberman and the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation call "performance management." This theory, as it is being implemented in CPS is largely under the guidance of Sarah Kremsner, the CPS chief performance officer. It is now inclusive of the key performance-management tool is the data system known as the

  • "They don't know their times tables" And who is the person to blame? Is it the teachers or the parents who say why learn them, use a calculator.

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