Washington DC: Rhee Fires Teachers Based On Peformance


To critics, this is just the latest example of a flawed and heartless approach to school reform.  To supporters, it's a sign that things can change for better for schools and students.  Word went out on Friday that controversial schools chief Michelle Rhee
had fired 241 teachers based on performance (including test scores) and
put another 17 percent of teachers on notice. Here's a roundup of the news coverage: Washington, D.C., Teachers Fired Over Test Scores Wall Street Journal:  The
move to oust 6% of the system's 4,300 teachers is the most drastic step
yet in Ms. Rhee's aggressive bid to overhaul the work force of one of
the nation's most troubled school systems.   School Chancellor Fires 241 Teachers in Washington NYT:  Most of them were fired under a system that held them accountable for students' standardized test scores... D.C. Schools Chief Rhee Fires 241 Teachers Using New Evaluation System PBS:  Washington,
D.C. schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee announced Friday the firing of
241 teachers who did not meet standards set forth by a new district-wide
evaluation system.


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  • take a look at the model before you slam it -- not that it's perfect but it's not as simple as test scores = ratings. there's a big observation and support element that might be as good or better as what chicago has. (there's also the checklist, which might be worse). and the test scores are weighted on a sliding scale -- i think the cap on the weight that can be given is 50 percent but you should check. and remember -- you guys always love it when i bring this up -- teachers grade students every day, not always in the most reliable or fair ways. so the world's full of imperfect measures of performance, is all i'm saying.

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