Update: Grievance Process Plus Guard Training

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has agreed to establish a grievance procedure for students experiencing
violence, harassment or discrimination, and to pilot a program training
security guards to use principles of restorative justice in their
work," writes CMW's Curtis Black (Youth win on CPS guards, grievance process).  "The agreement with CPS security director Michael Shields includes a
commitment to facilitate discussions with the administration at Orr High
School, where many BTYC members are students."

Congrats, good luck, will be curious to see how it goes.


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  • Not too many people have commented on this article. It's because it's not a sexy article. No Huberman or Unions to talk about. But it is these kind of subtle progressive changes no that lead us to major problems down the road later.

    When I was kind growing up in Chicago schools and had a problem with someone we usually dealt with it one on one. Or worse case, the teacher got involved and it usually resulted in some kind of punishment like writing "I will not talk in class" 50 times on the chalk board.

    Now, the CPS caved in to a cumbersome and ridiculous security process called Restorative Justice.

    Now if a student gets in trouble, dealing with it one on one or getting a note to your parents from your parents, are in jeopardy and now there are more layers of complication.

    If you get in trouble here is what can happen:

    * You can file a grievance by paper, phone, or website.
    * An Equal Employee Compliance Officer can investigate the complaint.
    * Your complaint will be monitored from end to end by an "oversight" committee.

    To me it sounds like more wasteful government layers added in an already complicated, bloated, and overextended CPS. The CPS does not need more grievance processes, EEOC officers, or oversight committees.

    The solution comes with solving the problem as individuals and families and having more personal accountability. More government and more bureaucracy is not the solution. It will only add our budget deficit, create much more questionable spending, and advance a progressive agenda which if unabated will lead to greater inefficiencies and be outright dangerous.

    This is also another example of Chicago Style Reform. That is a redistribution of power or wealth from one group to another group under the guise of reform.

    In this case more resources and tax payer money used to create a bigger government filled with grievances, EEOC officers, and committees. And to give more power to progressive groups like the LBGT Gender Just Group, the Blacks Together Youth Council, and the Southwest Youth Collaborative. These groups have nice sounding name but believe me they exist, not to make the world a better place for all individuals, rather to promote their special interest agenda.


  • I can understand how students - especially in HS - would feel the need for this. But looking at CPS's track record, this pilot may not even get off the ground (budgetary) or at best barely functioning.

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