Roundup: Spread Of "Voluntary" School / Book Fees


Some worthwhile (& controversial) posts from around the Chicago education blogosphere:  Technology and education: Save Our Schools Rally:  The
union is launching several initiatives, all with a common theme:
reaching out... Black male suspension rates lead to murdered police officers Examiner:  Disruptive
black male students are suspended and expelled from public schools at
rates that defy any possibility that... many black
parents will ever see their sons successfully enter into the mainstream
of the American economy... School Fees aka Book Fees « CPS Obsessed:  We
called other local schools to inquire about their school fees. They
ranged from $25 - $100. Of course the fee can in no way be required.
It is just "suggested." And collection probably depends on whether
someone has the time to remind/hound/guilt people into paying. The
clerk at (I think) Decatur told me she makes it her mission and gets 95%
compliance. Impressive!... Shanahan on Literacy: Turn Around Schools Our
lowest performing schools are clearly in trouble, despite any
weaknesses that might exist in the identification tests. Teachers and
principals can make things better for kids and they should be doing so
without the threat of school closings....  Chicago Teachers Union hosts Save Our Schools summit - Substance News:  Rodney
Estvan, a special education activist from Access Living, said Chicago
Public Schools have 51,000 students with disabilities, yet in 2006 laid
off 700 aides and attendants who work with the neediest of these
students... ed ideas: Why I Teach... I've
been asked what I like about teaching and I've written a million "My
Educational Philosophy" papers. None of what I've been able to
articulate is as accurate as her simple statement... SOS Rally PURE: To
his credit, John Rogers was at the rally, where he heard complaints,
challenges, and calls for change from the speakers, beginning with new
Chicago Teachers' Union President Karen Lewis's fiery speech which
soundly rejected the Daley/Duncan/Huberman version of school reform... (I should check other blogs more often.)

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