Leaks: What Would You Leak (Or Want To See Leaked)?

Leaks:  What Would You Leak (Or Want To See Leaked)?

Over the weekend the website WikiLeaks released thousands of reports and updates from the military about how the war in Afghanistan was really going.  It was eye-opening stuff, needless to say, and got me thinking about all the things that it would be interesting to "leak" here:

documents clipart.jpg

-Interesting (or awful) email copied from FirstClass
-Timely memos from the CAO or Central Office
-Notes from the principal or head of the LSC or PTO
-Back to school supply lists
-Legal documents (lawsuits, notices of action)
-Notices from HR (you're fired, you're on probation, we can't find your records)
-Pictures of classrooms, sleeping security guards, drunken teachers

What else?  I'm surely missing some good categories.  What would you most like to see from inside the CPS beat?  And if you're in the mood, give it a try.  Just copy and paste it into comments (anonymously so you don't get in trouble), or send it to me at district299@gmail.com if it's a picture or PDF.  Or, feel free to go to DocStoc and sign in and upload a PDF or PowerPoint on your own (username/password are both district299)


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  • Hi Alex,

    I was thinking the same thing. I am glad you have encouraged us all to find leaks or just start leaking. It's amazing, the BP executive is about to get a golden parachute for destroying the gulf, while hundreds of CPS teachers are just getting a golden shower.

  • I'd like to see documents explaining what the real motivations are behind the delay for special ed services for students. Is it really just a desire to save money by not providing services for the first couple of years while everything's getting sorted out? Is it that CPS is afraid too many youth who are just slow or unmotivated, but have no real disability, will be classified as their teachers throw their hands up? Is it just the slow moving sloth of a huge institution?

  • Upturn the rock that is Special Education in CPS.

  • While I'm seldon surprised by your appalling lack of good taste, I am once again disappointed by it.

    The "leaking" of classified documents during war is not only illegal, but it puts American soldiers and their allies at risk. That is hardly something to trivialize in this sophomoric thread.

  • In reply to Danaidh:

    It depends on what's leaked. In this case, no troop positions, secret plans or anything of that nature was given away. Plus the documents were all from prior to 2009, so not much in the way of sensitive material.

    The only way troops could be put at risk is by people being antagonized by the deaths of civilians, but it's not like that isn't already known by the Afghans there on the ground anyway.

    The Obama administration has been fairly muted about their concern about this leak. I would guess for the reasons listed above. While it may be minimally damaging to the war effort, it isn't particularly dangerous to anyone.

  • One thing I've figured out about public high schools is the ONLY reliable data they report is their ACT scores and Prairie State scores. That's because those are the only numbers that come from external sources. The financials, nope. The graduation rate, nope. The average daily attendance, nope. And on and on the list goes. And it's all made up, massaged or hidden. There are no "true" numbers to leak because they don't have them. I don't believe any "data" authored by any school district in any county in Illinois anymore -- from New Trier to CPS -- it's all fiction. Administrators, school boards, and faculty make up reports and stories to justify tax increases, give them job security, and/or avoid (at all cost) shining the spotlight on a system that's failed generations of children and their families.

  • In reply to jenmcautry:

    The system has only failed those unable or unwilling to benefit themselves from it.

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