From Senegal To CHSAS

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I love it when people send things in to the blog  -- especially stuff I haven't seen before -- even though I don't always have time to post everything I get via email.  Here's an example of something that would otherwise have gone missing, sent in by a reader:  "CHSAS is a very special Chicago Public High School that is
recognized by global leaders in food policy and food safety. The article
in the
Beverly Review about the visit by Dr. Jacques Diouf to the school tells a
story." (
Beverly Review.pdf

)  Anything else that I've missed or you think deserves a second look?  Copy and past the link in comments and tell us all about it.  


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  • From America's Finest News Source:,17728/

  • One way to figure out if you have a position is to log onto the web address below and check the SIMS program. Many schools have already programed classes and sizes. Changes can still be made. Also, some schools may not have programmed classes yet, so you may be locked out. Not being able to gain access does not mean you have lost your job, but gaining access is a strong indicator you do have a job. If you you go to the "portal" CPS will run a security sweep of your computer which will take a minute or two.

  • In reply to FrontRow:

    That is interesting, because I WAS cut and received the letter, but I can still get in and the names on my list for 1st graders were kindergardeners... My school is a Track E school too. I just think that nobody really knows anything.
    After being cut , I also called the Chicago Teacher Pension Fund and they had no record of me what-so -ever... I have been in the system for 4 years!!! They told me to call back in December!!!! I will probably call back before that, but I need to find a job first,

  • As I stated that if you are locked out that does not mean you are now unemployed. However, if you do have a classes scheduled in your name, it is probable that you are employed. I agree with above that things can change quickly, and should only be considered a guide but not an absolute.

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