Event: 2010 PSAE - ACT Results Released Today


The Board is scheduled to release the 2010 scores this morning at Chicago Vocational Career Academy.  The Mayor is supposed to be there, so I guess that means the news is good. [Then again, if it wasn't good they'd find a way to make it good.  Check out this recent story about how New York state test scores kept getting better despite a ridculously easy test: New York Will Make Standardized Exams Tougher.] Anyway, I'll post news updates in the comments as they come in.  Feel free to share your reactions.  


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  • sun times story is here: http://www.suntimes.com/news/metro/2538624,cps-test-gains-072710.article



  • My, my, how things change. I recall a time when reading scores declined and the newspapers did not report that as a victory. Now a decline in reading is just a minor thing, barely getting noted in the victory headlines.
    How much we have lowered the bar How pathetic the mayor's standard of success has become.

  • Are YOU a nice guy? I'm skeptical.

    Actually, he seems to be out ahead of the other CAOs on improving scores--4 out of 5 biggest improvers were among his schools. (I think my school may be among them.)

    With results like that, he must have some clue about education.

    (Maybe it's you that's clueless.)

  • In reply to Danaidh:

    Colonel Mills is the CAO of my school. Our high stakes exam scores have gone up every year for a decade. Our "increased achievement", if that's what you want to call these test results, has absolutely nothing to do with him, at least in the case of our large neighborhood school. I won't speak for the others.

  • In reply to Danaidh:

    Congrats to Ricker, but how did it do so well? I'm dubious that curriculum changes alone can give a 15% increase in scores.

  • Actually that 0.3% was exciting to me. I really don't trust the state or district test scores, but the ACT is a test taken all across the US so it's harder to adjust the test to get the scores you'd like to see.

    Don't forget not all CPS students are college bound. One of the costs of having all your juniors take the ACT is that the average scores will be weighted down by the mass of C&D students who take it. What would be interesting to see is what the average score is for students who are on-track for college (have college prep coursework with As & Bs and have never been retained).

  • If those lowest scoring students are also a detriment to their classrooms (disruptive, hold up lectures & discussion), that might be considered a win for the rest of the students.

    But seriously, isn't there a scorecard they use for principals which actually does account for drop outs (considered a negative)?

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