Court Dismisses Teacher's Case Against Student Doodles

And now for something completely ridiculous (right)? 

Teacher Marion V. at an earlier court proceeding in May. Photo: DPA

German court on Tuesday threw out the case of a schoolteacher against a
pupil who allegedly tormented her by scrawling pictures of rabbits on
the blackboard to aggravate her rabbit phobia." (Court rejects teacher's suit against student for 'rabbit terrorism' The Local via Deadspin)


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  • Something that is not funny:,CST-NWS-ctu22.article

    "It has begun. The first round of the long-anticipated, school-based layoffs by Chicago Public Schools to deal with a record $370 million budget deficit will claim 600 staffers by week's end.

    Notices began going out Wednesday to 400 classroom teachers and 200 educational support personnel, a CPS official said. The 600 represent staff at about 200 Track E elementary schools that start their year earlier than most schools, on Aug. 10."

  • I wonder if Frau lehrer (generic, not the PBS anchor) watches Sid the Cussing Rabbit (available here on Channel 2.1 at approximately 11:37:30 p.m., don't know the Chermain outlet). That must really send her over the edge.

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