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From a very helpful reader:   "Attached please find a flier that was put into mailboxes in the Aspira-Haugan Charter School neighbors' mail boxes. I am forwarding it to you as it raises many questions. Why is a charter school paying to get students? Why the bribe? Additionally, it seems irresponsible to use public funds in this manner when the schools are facing such enormous budget cuts. Charter schools are public schools after all. How can charters schools have the money for this when neighborhood schools are cutting teachers and programs?" Good questions -- check out the coupon below and let us know what you think.


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  • Your presumptions are intersting but, what are they based upon? Do you know about the efficiency of the schools in this area? Do you know what it takes to close a charter school? It seems you may have some negative "inclinations and biases" about traditional CPS schools.

    To answer your question, no, charters are not given less per student than CPS. They are Chicago Public School not private schools and receive the same funds. I have a question as well. Do you think it would be acceptable for all Chicago Public Schools to use funds to recruit students- not just charter schools?

    According to Renn 2010, charter schools are intended for neighborhoods where schools are failing, overcrowded and/or where parents need more "choice." If this is the case, why would a school need to recruit?

    Curious? What does my reaction to the offer say to you about my "inclinations and biases" that would taint the comment?

    Do your kids attend a public or private daycare center?

  • I guess UNO needs to recruit because they too underperform. The UNO school in Avondale scored lower than the nearby traditional CPS school(UNO did not make AYP and the local school did). However, the UNO schools get to report their scores as a network, not by individual school, so it is hard to see. I wonder how the neighborhood schools would look if they could report scores by area?

  • wow... i think there is a difference between "slick" flyers and bribing people...

  • One of the deals Chicago charters receive are state bonds cut just for them. The Big 3 Chicago charter chains -- UNO, Noble and CICS -- received over $200mil in bonds in the past 5 years. IL taxpayers are holding those notes.
    And then, overall, charters pay teachers about 20% less, on average, while they work longer years/days.
    Charter teachers are a lot less qualified and experienced than regular CPS teachers, and have much higher turnover rates, so it shouldn't be a surprise that even though charters enroll singificantly fewer special needs students (English language learners and special ed), on average they don't "outperform" regular neighborhood schools.
    Let's stop comparing charters to neighborhood schools. They are apples and oranges, with the advantages going to charter schools and the disadvantages going to students.

  • The children are 5, 6 and 7 years old. What types of "coupons" can you suggest they put into their Mother's Day book they are making for Mom? Any suggestions?

  • cps is reviewing the coupon offer, according to this chicago observer article

  • In reply to AlexanderRusso:

    Great article. I agree that school atracting students due to strong academics is a far cry from atracting students with money. Thanks for asking the questions.

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