Coming Back To CPS Next Year?
So what's it gonna be for you next year -- are you coming back, going somewhere else, or are you not sure?  We want all the details --  Plan A, Plan B, and all the rest.   


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  • Nope. Not coming back.

    Short version of my story.

    Music teacher. Worked in the burbs from 1998-2002. Started as a music teacher in CPS fall of 2002. Bounced around depending if the school has a budget for music or not. When it was time for tenure, a new principal hired and she fired all non tenured teachers the year I was suppose to get tenure. Been cadre subbing the past year and had a rough time.

    Took a part time job at a private school and opened up my OWN music studio teaching private lessons, student rock bands and community performances, recording technology workshops.

    I am actually TEACHING MUSIC now. How about that.

    I am not rich, but bills are covered and I am a happy teacher again.


    Bye bye CPS.

  • Yep. Although my user name says it all. Can't wait for the showdown in August. CPS vs CTU closed cage match, winner takes all.

  • Anyone that has been terminated or "honorably discharged" should get a hold of me so the Union can include you in our actions to fight to make everyone whole again.

    John Kugler
    Chicago Teachers Union

  • "Quinn has given 43 salary increases averaging 11.4 percent to 35 staffers "

    And they balk at teachers for a measly 4% raise. Ask any teacher and they will tell you that their responsibilities have increased. Going to CPS servers to enter grades takes more time now than when we had our own EasyGrade.

  • Nope, not coming back. Left June 25th and won't look back, not under this administration. I was at CO and from my perspective it was a systematic destruction of useful teams and individual contributors.

  • Dear Pondering

    Sounds like we might work at the same school take this advice for what it is worth
    If you like the kids stay. Principals come and go and even if you transfer to another
    School a jerk principal might show up there. I think our union has changed and
    We might be able to stop some of that chicken shit stupidity next year.

  • Would like to come back. Was "not trying to leave". "Got evicted" as our school was under utilized as we only had "582 students Pre-K to 8". My school is being

  • I retired in JUNE....THANK GOD !!!!

  • All schools with 500 or less students are losing their AP's. However, the principal can buy an AP out of their state funds, if they want to.

  • Hang tough CPS Vet. We will outlast them . United we stand.

  • I know 2 bilingual teachers cut to .5.

  • I may be mistaken but my understanding is that an AP does not have the security the principal enjoys. The principal's contract is renewed every 4 years but an AP can be let go each year. No seniority either. An AP told me this. That is why I won't pursue that position.

  • I have a question. I just received this letter today, but I feel its very vague. Does anyone know where I can get more information before Monday so I can make a decision.

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