Budget: Bringing Charters Into The Salary Battle


The Reader's Ben Joravsky points out that Huberman et al are now using charter school operators like Juan Rangel to help bolster their case for freezing teacher salaries, etc. -- a move bound to rile unionized teachers who hate charters and amuse political insiders who know how close some charter operators like Rangel are to City Hall.  Of course, it would help if charters all did better with students than regular public schools, and if they posted their salary schedules so that we knew what they were paying their teachers.  


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    So I have to link up to a bunch of posts to get the info?

  • Who knows Ben Joravsky's intent, but I think it's more useful to point out the hypocrisy of Juan Rangel as a spokesman for CPS than it is to--as Alexander writes--"rile unionized teachers who hate charters."

    The charter school teachers are not our enemy; that would be Ron Huberman (and, of course, the Mayor).

    The picture of Juan Rangel (whose salary is about 4 times that of the average CPS teacher) lecturing teachers that they must make concessions in the middle of a collective bargaining agreement is absurd.

    As Joravsky implies, however, his audience isn't really teachers, but the parents who don't want to see their children in classes with the increased numbers Huberman has been threatening.

    The new CTU leadership are away this week, but I hope that when they return to town they make a priority of closing this rift between parents and teachers that Huberman has strategically and intentionally created.

  • I think you could get some idea of the average teacher salary at UNO schools by contacting Chicago ACTS at (312) 738-3010. They are organizing unions at Charter Schools, they might know.

    Rod Estvan

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