AM News: Which Teachers Deserve $100K?


Suburbs' $100,000 teachers Tribune: In
the affluent enclaves of Highland Park and Deerfield, almost half the
teachers in Township High School District 113 took home six-figure
salaries -- the highest percentage in the state...  Illinois Schools Find Ways to Curb Bullying EdWeek:  The
Anti-Bullying Committee is looking at the ways students report bullying
at each District 300 school and how the school follows up, which he
said ranges "from the principal calling the kid into the office and
telling him to knock it off, to the school taking a whole-school
approach."... Summer school: Teens hit the books to get ahead with summer school Tribune:  High
schools charge anywhere from $180 to $320 per credit in an effort to
make summer school self-supporting. School districts waive fees for
students whose families qualify for a free cafeteria meal under federal
poverty guidelines. Some schools open courses to students from outside
the district... Education
Officials to Discuss Public Schools at Ebony Roundtable
by MSNBC's Tamron Hall, the discussion will feature Ron Huberman, CEO
of Chicago Public Schools; Shayne Evans, director of University of
Chicago Charter School; Julianne Malveaux, president of Bennett College
and Paul Goren,Lewis-Sebring executive director of the Consortium on
Chicago School Research.

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  • are you scared of the competition?

  • Communications

    It arrived by mail yesterday dated July 12th .My very own letter from the Human
    Resources bureau of CPS.I wondered if it was a gift certificate for a gold watch
    in appreciation of my 41 years of faithful service or, perhaps a certificate of appreciation?
    Was it another bull=shit application for Who

  • In reply to rbusch:

    It must be by age. A colleague of mine who is 61, but only has 20 years of service received a letter, while teachers younger than she with more years of service did not get the letter.

    Don't look at it as an insult, Bob. Clark Street is staffed by 20-somethings who just don't know any better.

  • Bob, CPS is looking to save money anyway that they can. CPS is looking at NOT PAYING principals, assistant principals and administrators their sick days! WTF! P.S.- The Board of Trustees of the Chicago Teachers' Pension Fund voted to continue subsidizing health insurance coverage for recipients of retirement, disability, and survivor pensions, but will reduce the subsidy to 60%, effective January 1, 2011. The current subsidy is 70%. Beginning on January 1, 2011, retirees, disability pensioners, and surviving spouses enrolled in non-CTPF health insurance plans (except Chicago Public or Charter School Cobra) WILL NO LONGER QUALIFY FOR THE SUBSIDY!

  • Thank you.

  • The state of Illinois needs to control teacher and education administrator costs in a way that retains quality educators by incentivizing them to improve education and still control costs.

    Here is a great video on just how to do that:

  • Thank you. I have all the same things to say. Not to mention money spent for replacing novels that never get returned, paper for copies, fans for our unairconditioned rooms, staplers, hole punchers, file folders, post-its, printer ink, thumb tacks, and all the other office supples that people in the private sector get from the supply room. I have to go now because I have to finish filling out the 8 page grant proposal I'm working on to get additional student reading materials for my school.

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