AM News: What Happens After High School

Life After High School Catalyst:  Two
mentors who came to Dyett during his junior year worked hard to settle
Kenny down, and it dawned on him that school was the most stable place
in his life. Still, after four years, he had only earned 10 credits,
less than half of what he needed to graduate...


'Mutual Consent' Teacher Placement Gains Ground EdWeek:  In

addition to Colorado, Rhode Island, the District of Columbia, and
Baltimore have recently employed a variety of mechanisms to end the
practice of forced placements. New York City, Chicago, and Austin,
Texas, have already done away with involuntary transfers...
Advocates Concerned About Proposed Race
to the Top Cuts
WBEZ:  Some

education analysts in Illinois are worried about a federal bill that
cuts $500 million dollars from the Race to the Top grant... Quinn defends raises, says no pension vote until after election Clout St:  Gov.

Pat Quinn today said the Illinois Senate will not head back to
Springfield to vote on a nearly $3.7 billion pension borrowing plan
until after the November election.

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  • Okay, so there's money to give raises down in springfield, but not enough to balance the budget. Quinn is a pathetic joke.

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