AM News: Seniority Layoffs Make National News


Should Seniority Count in Teacher Layoffs? Newsweek:  Under the usual union contract, the last hired were to be the first fired, competent or not. But the Chicago School Board has interpreted a new
state law as giving it the power to fire the city's 200 most
incompetent teachers first... Museum Of Science And Industry Offers $10,000 For 'Month At The Museum' Huffington Post:  You don't have to pay rent. In fact, for a one-month stay, they'll pay you. Ten thousand dollars... Internet Gaps In Chicago Areas Fox:  A new report suggests that there are gaps in Internet use and
access in Chicago, but that there are opportunities for
progress... Finding teacher salary information online Tribune:  A new law requires school districts to submit salary and
benefit information for every teacher and administrator to the Illinois
State Board of Education by July 1 each year.

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