AM News: Losing Ground On Magnet Diversity


maintains diversity after admission changes
Sun Times: Notable
blips across the board are an increase in the Hispanic student
enrollment at these schools, and a corresponding decrease in both the
African-American and Asian student enrollments, however... Plan maintains diversity but increases individual segregation Tribune:  For
instance, at Northside College Prep, arguably the most competitive
public high school in the city, the move more than doubled the
percentage of black students accepted, from 6 to 14 percent...
Minority enrollment in city's best schools has
'lost some ground'
Catalyst:  Huberman
noted that actual enrollment could be different from the acceptance
figures presented Tuesday. For example, Latino students appear to be
accepting more spots at King and Lindblom, two selective high schools in
predominantly black neighborhoods...Who's
Admitted to Top Schools Under New
Magnet Policy
Chicago Public Radio:  Thirty-nine
percent of students at Northside College Prep were white last school
year. The incoming class will be 44 percent white.

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  • Unfortunately, it is not surprising that the numbers of African American students in magnet schools is declining. Check out an article I wrote before the policy was finalized.

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