AM News: Groups Pressure City On TIF Spending

CPS Parents Hammer Daley, Huberman on Tax Increment
WBEZ:  The Chicago Teacher's Union and a group of
mostly north side parents say TIFs are siphoning away millions of
dollars from Chicago Public Schools--money that would help balance the


Back-to-school shoppers to get tax break  Tribune:  Parents will get a little break at the cash register when
they stock up on paper, pencils and shoes courtesy of a new Illinois law
that waives the state ... Chicago
election signals new direction for teacher unionism
Philly Notebook:  The
election of CORE, a social justice union slate, to lead the
30,000-member Chicago Teachers Union is reverberating across the labor
movement and sending a signal that teachers are no longer willing to be
the punching bag for corporate-inspired school reformers... Namaste
Charter School Breaks New Ground in Childhood Obesity Prevention
Press Release: The
McKinley Park School, founded in 2004, is a living embodiment of the
vision outlined by First Lady Michelle Obama and the "Let's Move"
campaign... Turning
students into stars
Tribune:  This
year 227 students at 11 city high schools participated in the
three-year program that spans students' junior and senior year and first
year of college.

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  • According to Ben Joravsky educational writer for the Chicago Reader Newspaper, Ron Huberman and the Board of Education continue to look the other way as Mayor Daley has diverted up to $250 million in property tax dollars from the Chicago Public Schools to the TIF program! P.S.- The Chicago Public Schools still owes the Chicago Teachers Pension Fund $40.6 million, that should have been paid by June 30, 2010. CPS has only paid the CTPF $318 million of the $358.8 million for the fiscal year that ended June 30, 2010. The CTPF sued the Board of Education Thursday to get the $40.6 million. Monique Bonds, spokeswomen of CPS has no comment! Don't forget the General Assembly gave CPS a pension holiday over the next three years where CPS WILL NOT have to pay the CTPF $1.2 billion over these next three years!

  • Daley gets heat on pick for CPS education post

    Mayor Daley is encountering some resistance in his effort to make the founder and former principal of his daughter's Catholic elementary school the new chief education officer for the Chicago Public Schools, City Hall sources say.

    More here:,CST-NWS-daley10.article

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