AM News: Eason Watkins Starts Her New Job

New supt.: Students need
rigorous studies
News Dispatch"  When
it comes to a child's education, Barbara Eason-Watkins means business.
72 Waukegan teachers to get recalled to classes Sun Times: 


teachers whose jobs had been on the chopping block will be back in the
classrooms for the 2010-11 school year after the Board of Education
voted unanimously Thursday to issue recall notices. Thursday's action
came two weeks after the board authorized the cutting of 85 teachers... CPS Students to Build New Play Lot at Bell Elementary
ChicagoTalks:  The
equipment for the two new lots arrived July 7 and will be installed
within the next two weeks. Groundbreakers' student employees provided
various design options, and the final design was voted on by a panel of
students, teachers, and parents... Judge orders black sorority to open up financial books Sun Times:  After it refused to open its financial records for
review, Alpha Kappa
Alpha Sorority Inc. must bring them to court today, even as the
organization's members are gathered in St. Louis for a weeklong meeting
and its leadership faces charges of misappropriating funds, a Cook
County judge ruled Monday... Lawsuit
targets school taxpayer inequities
Pioneer Press (Via Catalyst):  Carr
is one of two plaintiffs in a school-funding lawsuit challenging the
state's method of financing education on grounds that the unequal tax
burdens in property-rich and property-poor school systems violate the
equal protection clause of the Illinois Constitution.

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