AM News: Duncan Worth Up To $3.7M


Eason-Watkins hires associate at $115,000
Yahoo News:  The new superintendent for Michigan
City Area Schools announced Tuesday the one -- and, she said, only --
administrator she will be adding to the school district as she
restructures its leadership... Disclosures:
No surprises for Obama cabinet members
Duncan:  Arne
Duncan, the U.S. education secretary, said in his disclosure that he
had assets in 2009 of between $1.58 million and $3.7 million... Ex-dean guilty of child porn Sun Times:  A Cook County judge has found a former Sauk Village
elementary school dean guilty on child pornography charges for
photographing a 10-year-old male student he forced to disrobe in his
office...Black Chicago-based sorority found in contempt of court Sun Times:  One of the nation's most influential black women's
organizations was found in contempt of court Tuesday by a judge in
Chicago for failing to bring the group's records to court, as he had
ordered on Monday.

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  • I honestly do not think people should be amazed that Mr. Duncan is claiming assets worth between $1.58 million and $3.7 million. That is really an amazing range, $2.1 million, however. A person should have a far more acurate picture of their net worth than a $2 million range.

    If Mr. Duncan is in fact worth in that area of $1.6 million that is not really that much, because we are talking about all assets including homes etc. If you have an $800 to $900 thousand home that is paid for that would represent 56% of his net worth. That is very typical of many upper middle class Americans.

    The Federal Reserve Board's data indicates that the average White non-Hispanic livning in the US is worth $692,200. The average homeowner in the US, a family that owns their home outright is worth $778,200.

    To learn more go to

    Rod Estvan

  • If this roadmap were actually followed, it might be a good thing for education. Particularly the last bit about working with authorizers to close charter schools that aren't measuring up. I haven't seen much of this to date. It's why charter schools do not better than regular public schools in terms of scores, because there are a lot of bad charter schools out there. And by bad I don't mean bad, like people commonly refer to neighborhood schools whose worst sin is having an intake area defined by poverty and its attendant ills, but bad as in cutting corners in an effort to make a profit.

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