What To Make Of Chicago's Performance Pay Experiment?

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EdWeek notes that an evaluation of the first two years of Chicago's performance pay program shows little benefit, which is no particular surprise.  But I'm wondering what we can learn from the experience. 

How did it affect things in schools, if at all?  Did it encourage more teamwork and effort, or just more test prep?  There were only about 30 schools in the pilot, which was funded by the USDE through a program called TIF and modeled on something called the Teacher Advancement program. 

Anyone at one of the TIF schools want to share their experience?  


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  • Did it encourage more teamwork and effort, or just more test prep?

    Since student and teacher success is measured by student test scores then of course it involved more test prep. And lots of it. At least in Chicago there wasn't a disincentive to collaborate. Other programs pitted teachers against one another: the better another teacher's classroom does the less likely you are to get paid.

  • In the view of many union members including myself this agreement is illegal since it was never brought before the general membership for a vote. Just as the Fresh Start Agreement was never brought before the general membership. With Fresh Start it was never even properly ratified in Springfield according to the Fresh Start "Agreement" language and time lines.

    just another example of the current union leadership bending over backwards to please Daley to stay in power. What this program was used for in CPS was to give Stewart some extra money and power to use to stay in office.

    Merit pay was already shown to be a failure in Texas where NCLB started under G.W. Bush

    Study: Texas' teacher merit pay program hasn't boosted student ...
    Nov 4, 2009 ... AUSTIN

  • negotiated T.A.P.

  • Traci Cobb_Evans => Scab $100,000+ salary

    John Ostenburg => never been a chicago teacher who knows what his salary is maybe $150+(holds another job as a mayor)

    ostenburgs relatives both never been teachers or union members over $150+ combined salaries (i guess)

    Genova => only a high school diploma never been a teacher over $100+ salary i guess plus kickbacks to her promotional company that gets no-bid contracts to provide services to the CTU using Chinese made products

    should i continue???? there is more

    not bad for a laid off carpentry teacher and just imagine the things i have yet to disclose and are still hidden in those offices. I figure once the rats realize the ship is sinking we will find out more information so they redeem their souls of the injustices perpetrated against the union membership.

    John Kugler



  • What does that mean exactly? How would it change the school day? When would all of this meeting take place? How would the time just appear? If it required extra resources, where would it come from? I'm sure that no one would be upset if everyone decided to meet after school. But who will put in extra time without pay? These are not rhetorical questions, I really would like to understand what you are proposing.

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