Video: Huberman Ducks Question About Firing Coaches

The most interesting thing to me about this video of John Kugler asking Ron Huberman about the fired literacy coaches is how unprepared and unsettled Huberman and his handlers seem to be to address questions such as these, which could (should?) have been asked by any mainstream reporter.


DailyKos posted the video here. Note that there is some confusion about which set of coaches are being discussed -- citywide literacy coaches are one group, and CTNTC induction coaches are another (for that story see here).  I'll try and get the numbers and categories straight later today. 


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  • Cue CO troll mocking Kugler and substance while ignorant the salient points in 5...4...3...2...1

  • Cue CO troll mocking my grammar and punctuation mistakes while ignoring the content in 5...4...3...2...1 :)

  • I like the pic of the sign falling down.

    Here is the story I wrote up for Substance News.
    Mayor, Huberman tout ISAT 'preliminary' results on day
    of Board of Education meeting§ion=Article

    everyone needs to watch the whole video it is bizarre and surreal what these guys do.

    Huberman does not know anything about what he is talking about and then ends his explanation of Instructional Framework as "Educational Mumbo Jumbo"


    John Kugler

  • Can someone please tell me what is the relevance of a Literacy Coach. At one particular school the LC has multiple jobs that are not related to the position, ie lunch monitor, hall monitor, detention monitor etc. As always, CPS suckered people into taking positions that they knew had a time stamp just like the positions at Turnaround schools. Beware of those bearing gifts of gold!!!

  • What a system we work for, money is tasken from Drivers Ed and used to pay coaches, Lane Tech stadium's new astroturf and other areas. Isn't it a misappropriation of funds. Driver ed.reimbursements are for the education of our new drivers not for our hard working coaches. Calvin Davis, Ron Huberman and Mayor Daley have no business in trying to run a school system. We need educators who understand education and not a bunch of people hired because their mothers are friends with the Mayor's wife.

  • you are wrong.

    you can not sign away your protected rights under a contract, state law or federal law. and anyone that made someone sign such a document without representation of the union or an attorney violated the teachers' rights and makes that agreement null and void.

    they are tenured teachers working under a bargaining agreement that have specific protections under state school code and ielra

    John Kugler

  • Ask the Chicago Police Department what it takes to get a press credential.

    Chicago PD is once again issuing media credentials. Besides the normal background check they are requiring that everyone be fingerprinted. Including certain requirements and reporting procedures for the news organization.

    WBEZ called them the Top.
    I used that report as my reference for my question.

    CPS Lays Off Top Teachers
    Some of Chicago Public Schools

  • love this picture.
    wonder why none of the other "media" did not get this picture out?

  • read the report from the press conference.
    ISAT press conference draws reporters away from
    Chicago Board of Education meeting
    Educational Mumbo Jumbo

  • Alex,

    The media could not answer that question because they fail to understand what is going on. Watch "The Week in Review" on WTTW. When the panel is asked a question about CPS, few can ever give an well defined answer. Its usually vague and a recitation of some one else's opinion. Can any one in the media explain "region" within in CPS or find a region office? John's question was far too enigmatic for most journalists to understand.

  • Dr. Kugler's question was an excellent one. It is no surprise, however, that the press conference was immediate cut short. Huberman et al are only interested in softball questions from uninformed education reporters. And I would venture to guess that neither of them really even understood the question.

    So, how about it Chicago popular media? Ask the same question Dr. Kugler asked. See if you can get an answer. Then let us know how long you're banished from the questions queue.

  • substance speculates out that the scheduling of the ISAT test score release at the same time as the board meeting was intentionally designed to divide news coverage and protest opportunities§ion=Article

  • If I've already posted what you are going to post, why not just spend the time playing with your kids or baking something?

  • If the principal can use you at their discretion, are you really a Literacy Coach or a classroom flunky. The person that I am speaking of is definitely a flunky whose time is spent watching kids. Aren't there enough parent volunteers to do that?? Why would a qualified, hard working, dedicated teacher be reduced to hallway monitoring. If you ask me, some thought it was a easy way to make a quick buck.......I guess CPS will have the last laugh.

  • A previous poster mentioned something unintelligible about driver's ed.
    Still, that got me thinking. Why are schools paying for driver's ed to begin with? Kids who want to learn to drive need to do it on their own time with their own money. If they can't afford it, they need to walk, bike or get a CTA pass. Seriously.
    And while I think sports are needed and keep some kids in school who might otherwise drop out, given the budget, I personally think all after school programs, sports or otherwise need to go. We are educators, not coaches. If families want sports at school, they need to pay for it. All of it.
    The same with bus service. People can either go to their neighborhood school, figure their own way to get to a magnet or gifted school or pay for bus service.
    I realize this will mean that only the middle and upper class families will have access to these things. I believe in paying for free lunch/breakfast for kids who don't have enough food in the house. The other things I listed above are WANTS! They are WANTS people, not NEEDS. And we are in a budget crisis that should force us to cut out our WANTS.

  • Fourteen teachers providing hospital instruction with the Office of Specialized Services got their layoff letters today. That

  • In reply to Danaidh:

    Providing a list of PSRP/ESP vacancies to terminated teachers? That's bizarre (and once again showcases CPS incompetence.)

    The Agreement specifically references two scenarios relevant to the termination of these 14 jobs and it requires that they be placed in the reassigned teacher pool rather than terminated outright.

    The two relevant scenarios that require placing a teacher in the reassigned teacher pool are found in Appendix H of the CBA:

    1) Whenever an attendance center or a program is closed.
    2) Whenever the educational focus of the attendance center is changed such that available teaching positions cannot accomodate some or all current regularly certified and appointed teaching staff.

    Now, perhaps CPS might fight #2 and claim that these Citywide teachers were not working in an "attendance center". But closure of the program would still seem to hold fast if they are being replaced by distance learning.

    Danny, what are your thoughts?

  • Sadly, I agree with "dufus" (how ridiculous is this going to look?). The notices of honorable discharge specifically say the positions are being closed for budgetary/financial reasons, which is not covered under Appendix H.

    Further, at its special meeting earlier this month, the Board amended its policy such that teachers being RIF'd (reduction in force due to budgetary reasons) are not entittled to the Appendix H remedies.

    Still, I would encourage these teachers to contact the Union about filing a grievance and/or lawsuit against the Board.

  • You're talking about Homebound, not Hospital Instruction.

    There were 14 full-time teachers in the Hospital Instruction unit providing services to hospitals and other treatment centers. All of them received letters of dismissal on Friday.

    There are somewhere between 350-400 teachers who are paid extra for teaching a homebound student. They aren't affect because their "day jobs" are at local schools.

    BTW, there are reasons to explain the teacher's behavior in your anecdote. A friend of mine once taught a homebound assignment. The parent was never home, and the teacher did not want to be left alone with a student in the home. He would call and ask the parent what times s/he would be home, but even if the parent gave a time, s/he was not there when the teacher arrived. This teacher pretty much did what the teacher you say you know did, but I think he had a pretty good reason to do so.

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