TIF, Explained

Here's a CAN-TV segment about the TIF program and how it affects education, via Mike Klonsky's Small Talk blog:

How the TIF game is played in Chicago (Mike Klonsky)


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  • Daley has his TIF $ and Quinn seems to have his own stash...
    "lllinois Gov. Pat Quinn talks to the media following a press conference announcing a $10 million capital grant to help construct an emergency and disaster preparedness center at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago. The McCormick Center for Advanced Emergency Response is the first of its kind in the United States which is designed to better care for the victims of major catastrophes, including biological, chemical and mass casualty events."

    Does Quinn really have $10 million to give to a new project when he owes millions to school districts?

  • Here's a study comparing Chicago neighborhood and charter high schools.
    The Charter Difference: A Comparison of Chicago Charter and ...

  • How can the issue of a level playing field be put aside? If it is not a level playing field then comparing charters and traditional schools is invalid. That does not make either one good or bad. It does not mean we cannot learn from the success and failures of both. Acknowledging the very different playing fields is essential to a meaningful discussion involving charters and traditional schools.

    The Charter Difference: A Comparison of Chicago Charter and Neighborhood High Schools (Brown & Gutstein) is available here: http://www.uic.edu/educ/ceje/articles/CharterDifference.pdf

  • Putting aside contextual issues makes data meaningless. IMSA and Uni Lab School also outperform everything in the world. That doesn't mean we try to make every school into them--the context is completely different.

    The charters have diverted money away from addressing the actual challenges we should be putting resources into and surprise, when you look at them contextually, people who know nothing about education and their 1980s teaching ideology don't perform very well.

    That doesn't mean that we should embrace the status quo--we must improve opportunities for our students, but this is putting out the fire by dousing it with gasoline.

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